MH Thermal  --  Expertise in Furnaces (Vacuum and Atmosphere), Heat Processing of Materials, Heat Treating.

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About Us


Located in sunny Florida, MH Thermal is owned by Mark K. Hemsath.  Mark has over 25 years of expertise with Lee Wilson Engineering for Bell Annealing and Hydrogen Annealing, Indugas for R&D of new Thermal equipment, Thermotech Industries for Vacuum Furnaces, Hemsath Corp for various High Temperature Alloy fabrications and LEWCO for a variety of Conveyor and Oven applications.  This VERY BROAD background can assist you in the selection of the right equipment for your heat processing and material handling needs.

Where ever you are located, Mark is just a short distance away.  Please call, anytime, to discuss your needs.
MH Thermal
PO Box 273
Terra Ceia, FL  34250

Fax 941.981.3236


Why do you need MH Thermal?

  • Get the right equipment solution at the right price
  • Get the expertise for free
  • Pick our brain and many years of experience
  • Deal with someone who cares and will peel away the cold corporation
  • Always available.  Returns calls. 
  • 24/7 availabiltiy
  • Peace of mind knowing you are dealing with the best.

MH Thermal represents companies that supply Vacuum Processing,  Atmosphere Processing and Reactive Gas Processing, Sophisticated, Wonderware based Industrial Controls, Furnace Controls and various Furnace Support.  We can help you to select the best equipment to most economically process your materials.  Combined with independent Material Handling assistance and Independent Engineering Services, we can best offer a solution that is a WIN-WIN.  Please contact us for more assistance!  We also supply huge selection of Heat Treat Furnaces and Ovens: Integral Quench, High Pressure Quench, Diffusion Vacuum Systems, Molybdenum elements, graphite and Moly Hot Zones, Special Nickel Alloy Solutions.

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