MH Thermal  --  Expertise in Furnaces (Vacuum and Atmosphere), Heat Processing of Materials, Heat Treating.

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MH Thermal represents some major and very competent Manufacturers that can supply an amazing array of Industrial Equipment.  Additionally, with 25 years of hands-on expertise, Mark Hemsath can offer various services, in addition to equipment, and his Manufacturers can also provide extensive engineering, installation and site services.

What we Sell and Do:

  • SECO/Warwick Vacuum and Atmosphere Furnaces (see below list)
  • Strong Expertise with Ovens, Conveyors, Alloy Fabrications, Radiant Tubes, and various Heating products
  • INEX brand Ceramic Radiant Tubes (CRT's) which are great for higher temperature, difficult environment (like carburizing) processes.
  • Thermal Oxidizers, Incineration and special Furnace items.
  • Processing, uniformity and data acquistion services
  • Combustion system tuning and controls system upgrades
  • Material movement advise
  • Engineering and consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Assistance with various product quality testing in a heating environment


SECO/Warwick is one of the world's largest Furnace Manufacturers.  MH Thermal has exclusive coverage of the USA states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama and can supply your needs in other Regions.  Whether in the Southeast or anywhere in the USA, MH Thermal can offer you assistance and furnace selection guidance.

INEX has been building CRT's since the 1980's and has some of the most time-tested technology and applicaiton experience.  We can reduce maintenance, improve up-time and possibly shorten cycles or save fuel.  Ask us how.

I have sold thousands of alloy radiant tubes.  At very high temperatures and with difficult environments super alloys just won't work well.  With Ceramic Tubes, the burners can also be fired harder, adding to the heat available to the work and shortening cycles.  In these difficult cases, the solution today is Composite Radiant Tube technology which no cast radiant tube can compete with.   If you operate at very high temperatures (over 1700F) or if you have a very difficult environment, like a reducing gas such as Carburizing, we may be able to help. 

CALL Mark Hemsath now at 800.488.6600 or email to

Our standard service is to work with you to find the right solution to your processing needs.  Call the expert today!


Various Vacuum Processing (Vertical and Horizontal), Integral Oil Quench and High Pressure (up to 25 bar) Pressure Quench, Diffusion Vacuum.
Burners and Combustion, Hydrogen Bell Annealing, Computer and Industrial Controls, Furnace Controls

Atmosphere Furnaces and Heat Treating Systems, such as Carburizing, Gas Nitriding, Tempering, Annealing, Austenitizing, Brazing, and Normalizing

We offer a huge selection of Heat Treat Furnaces and Equipment: Integral Quench, High Pressure Quench, Diffusion Vacuum Systems, Molybdenum elements, graphite and Moly Hot Zones, special Nickel Alloy Fabrications.

Thermal Oxidizers, Incinerators and Special Furnace needs.

Atmosphere Furnace variations:  Pit Furnaces, Sealed Quench, Rotary Hearth, Roller Hearth, Mesh Belt, Walking Beam, Pusher, Bogie Hearth, Cast Link, Atmosphere Generators, Ammonia Dissociators, various Batch Furnaces, Steel Reheat and Forging Furnaces.

Aluminum - Solution Heat Treating, Homogenizing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces,  Pre-Heating, Coil and Foil Annealing, Continuous and Batch variations
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