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Mark K. Hemsath

Since the 1980's, Mark Hemsath has been involved in the heating industries, beginning his career by translating from German to English for Surface Combustion on Vacuum Ion Nitriding.  He then joined Indugas, a company dedicated to developing new Thermal Technologies.  During his time there, he helped develop numerous Vacuum Furnaces and Heating Systems.  As well, he consulted for companies like Abar-Ipsen on project management.  In addition to various Burner System developments, Indugas also invented a new Ion Nitriding System, a new Bell Annealing Cooling Hood utilizing Jet Impingement, a new Aluminum Annealing Furnace for coils, also utilizing Jet Impingement Technology, a novel Gas-Fired Heat Pump system, and a No-NOx Burner System.  Indugas patented over 15 new technologies during this time for its customers.

Thermotech Industries was started under the guidance of Mark Hemsath.  Thermotech commercialized the Advanced Air-Jet Cooling Cover for Bell Annealing.  In 1993, Mark Hemsath and other investors purchased Lee Wilson Engineering Company, an iconic Furnace company in the Steel and Primary metals Bell Annealing field.  Under his guidance, Lee Wilson then developed a new system utilizing 100% Hydrogen and the most advanced computer-based HMI and PLC for that time.  Also during this time, Thermotech introduced the Natural Gas heated Vacuum Furnace known as the GasVacuum Furnace which cleanly processed very large loads via High Convection Heating.  Mark marketed and sold many of these units, all of which are still in use today.  His highlights include:

-  Nitriding (Ion and Gas), Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Carburizing, and various other process expertise.  If I cannot help you directly, I know the person who best can.

-  Specification, sale and manufacture of close to 10,000 high temperature radiant tubes
-  Processing with reactive atmospheres such as Hydrogen
-  Extensive Steel strip, steel rod & wire and brass sheet annealing process applications
-  Direct Fired Furnace design and NFPA compliance
-  Uniform batch processing in heat treat furnaces and ovens.  Temperature survey expertise
-  Wonderware Software and PLC programming for system automation
-  High Temperature materials selection for furnace hardware and radiant tubes
-  Titanium processing experience for atmosphere and vacuum 
-  Upgrade and installation expertise for heat processing applications

Mark Hemsath has a Masters Degree from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Science from Miami University, also in Ohio.  He has completed courses in Combustion Systems, Project Management, Various Computer Programming languages, Metallurgy, Machine Tools, Drafting and Design, and has extensive hands-on experience in Ion Nitriding, Gas Nitriding, Heat Transfer, Burner Design, Vacuum System Design, Electrical Engineering, Controls Engineering, and Structural and High Temperature systems design.  He has been published by ASM Conference Proceedings and has presented extensively various technologies to Industry and User groups, such as the Natural Gas Industry.

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