MH Thermal  --  Expertise in Furnaces (Vacuum and Atmosphere), Heat Processing of Materials, Heat Treating.

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Representing SECO/WARWICK* Vacuum and Atmosphere Furnaces.  Exclusive coverage in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama.  We can also assist you in other regions and have access to various manufacturers.   Call to see how we can help. 

Extensive experience in clean Vacuum Processing and High Convection Uniform Clean Processing in Nitrogen, Hydrogen or other gases.

Expertise also in Low Cost Heat Processing.

Representing INEX Ceramic Radiant Tubes in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Material Handling expertise for total plant solutions.

Materials Thermal Processing for cleanliness and uniformity, including extensive experience with AMS 2750D etc.

Mark Hemsath has been in the Heat Processing business for over 25 years.  Vacuum Processing, Protective Atmosphere Processing, Burners and Combustion, Hydrogen Annealing, Computer and Industrial Controls, Furnace Controls, Ovens-including Vacuum Composite Materials Curing--he has done it all.  We can help you to select the best equipment to most economically process your materials.  Combined with extensive Material Handling background and Independent Engineering Services, we can best offer a solution that is a WIN-WIN.  Please contact us below for more assistance!  We also supply a huge selection of Heat Treat Furnaces and Equipment:  Integral Quench, High Pressure Quench, Diffusion Vacuum Systems, Molybdenum elements, graphite and Moly Hot Zones, special Nickel Alloy Fabrications,  etc.  SECO/Warwick manufactures and sells all over the world.  Hydrogen Bell Annealing is just one new area for SECO/Warwick.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support is available 24/7!. We are never closed. 800.488.6600 or text to 419.356.3500     or  email to

*  SECO/WARWICK in Meadville, PA USA is part of SECO/WARWICK Group one of the largest Furnace builders in the world.  With offices and locations in Europe, USA, China, Russia and India, SECO/WARWICK has a solution for any furnace requirement.



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